Kearney Park (AMP 3)

In 1962, the GHA opened Kearney Park, the City's first low-income housing development with 160 units. Kearney Park is the location of the Property Management office for the AMP 3 properties. AMP 3 properties consist of Kearney Park and Newtown with 65 units. In close vicinity of another one of GHA's AMP properties, Hopkins Park, these units are also close to the main business district, major restaurants and shopping areas of Greenville. These residents have easy accessibility from Evans Street then onto Howell Street to reach their homes. Behind South Greenville Elementary and J.H. Rose High School you'll find Kearney Park.


Kearney Park has units consisting of 1 to 5 bedrooms while Newtown (located off Dickinson Avenue and 14th Street) has units from 1 to 6 bedrooms. Newtown area has the Central Office and Regional Property Management and Warehouse buildings. The Regional Property Management and Warehouse building contains a classroom and multi-purpose room for meetings and a learning facility.


Please visit 601 Skinner Street to speak to a representative for these communities. The Property Manager for AMP 3 is Malinda Mitchell



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